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Are you enthusiastic about personal finance and financial growth?

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Who is this for?


Content Curators

If you own a high-traffic blog or website loved by many users, we’re keen to have you on board!

Media Companies

Share about us with your top publishers and content providers. They’ll thank you for it, and we’ll thank you too!

Social Media Influencers

Are you influential in the social media scene, with many fans on Instagram/YouTube? Share about us!

Finance Communities

We especially love working with people that are aligned with us on personal finance. Reach out to us!

Why join our affiliates programme?

Why join our affiliates programme?

Additional income Stream
Earn a small fee with every sign-up you generate

Be a Thought Leader
Promote personal finance literacy to your followers

Potential Partnerships
Develop yourself as an affiliate and gain access to our mailing list and placements on our platforms

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Partner Program Form
Partner Program Form