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Saving Tips For Your Wedding

Long hallways, bright fairy lights, grand entrance, luxurious white gown, a room filled with people you love as you walk down the aisle to a ceremony that would have probably broken your bank account. Having a grand wedding is pretty much the dream of every girl to have their fairy-tale come true, or for bragging rights. Regardless, a wedding is bound to cost leaps and beyond, especially in Singapore.

Similar to other living expenses, wedding costs have undeniably skyrocketed over the past few years. On average, weddings in Singapore can cost you about S$30,000 to S$60,000 and can go up to S$100,000 depending on the scale and number of guests you are planning to invite. Besides the venue, the gown, the food, there will be far more things to consider and each of them will potentially leave a significant hole in your wallet. With your parents and future in-laws likely to have a say in the planning process, additional costs might incur when strong views about ideas and traditions need to be included. 

While others may have spent an extravagant sum on their ceremonies, it should never be used as a benchmark for yours as it is possible to achieve both glamor and budget. Set the tone right for your future with your partner by taking control of your finances. Saving a few dollars here and there will certainly go a long way in expanding your honeymoon options or give you an additional budget for your new home. To get you started, here are some tips on saving for your special day!

#1: Wedding Dates

Avoid weekends and popular dates like 14th February, 11th November, or 20th May as venues tend to be a little pricier! Choosing a less popular date or day to tie the knot can save you quite a fair bit of money. Any day is a good day for marriage, as long as it is with the right person. Also, if possible, you might want to opt for a wedding lunch as it could be a cheaper alternative to dinner and can lead to a post-party instead! 

#2: Guest Lists

This is a little tricky as each additional guest comes with a cost. The number of guests attending your wedding will have a huge impact on your overall budget. If money is tight, try to limit your guests to only close families and friends. One best way to deal with it is to think of as many people you and your parents could possibly invite. Then group them according to how close they are to you, and you will slowly be able to determine who to exclude.

#3: Wedding Gowns & Suits 

For the ladies, donning on wedding gowns could be one of their biggest dreams. But let’s be real, you will only be wearing it once in a lifetime. Is it necessary to spend a large amount of money on it? If you are determined to cut costs, you can always go for off-the-rack dresses that are available for rental instead of purchasing or customising one. And if you are lucky enough, you might be able to catch some good quality wedding gowns at City Plaza/Far East Plaza!  

Some may even consider getting it online through Taobao, which will definitely be much cheaper. Did you know that Taobao has a dedicated wedding section for you to choose from? (No, we’re not sponsored!) A quick tip to Taobao: Do remember to look through all the reviews before purchasing it. You want to make sure that the item looks perfectly like the one you are about to order. 

#4: Do-It-Yourself (DIY) or Ask a Friend

This can definitely help you to save costs! Before spending loads of money on new things, consider sourcing materials and piecing them together on your own. 

1. Designing costs:

Let’s start with wedding invitation cards. You can design it on your own by using simple designing software like Canva to send out your e-invites and perhaps a simple excel sheet for the confirmed attendance. 

2. Wedding door gifts:

You could choose to give an edible wedding favour. Instead of spending items in bulk, you could bake for your guests as a gesture of appreciation or gratitude to thank them for coming. There are so many simple recipes online, and you just need to find time to perfect it. It could also be a bonding session for you and your bridesmaids! If you’re lacking the time in your busy schedule, consider purchasing from home-baked bakeries as well.

3. Ask for help:

We know, we tend to like handling everything by ourselves. But when it comes to your wedding, that’s what your bridesmaids & groomsmen are for! When it’s their turn, you’ll return the favor to them. DIY-ing the décor and planning the day can help you cut down on a lot of costs. If you have a friend who does photography or videography, check if they could do it for your big day. if you have a friend who is confident, funny, and not afraid to speak in front of a large crowd, consider asking him/her to be the host! 

There are bound to be many more saving tips available on the Internet, but here are some of NSCRA’s tips. Remember that wedding isn’t a competition – just because Prince Charles & Diana spent close to $100 million doesn’t mean you need to or neither would it make your big day any less special than theirs! If your top priority is not to overspend, then make sure you and your future spouse keep to that. Don’t forget, this is actually the start of a new journey for both of you. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to start with a beggar’s wallet! 

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