Whether you are 25 or 45, you WILL need proper property planning.

Get the roadmap to the dream house you want, upgrade to a property of your dreams comfortably.

Whether you are 25 or 45, you WILL need proper property planning.

Get the roadmap to the dream house you want, upgrade to a property of your dreams comfortably.

Are these some of your concerns?


Should I purchase a new launch for my first property?


Am I ready to purchase a private property?


How do I maximise the profits from my current property?


What are my options with the property I own now?

Regardless of your concerns, we can answer all of these using our property expertise in a FREE online consultation!


Many property owners do not know what they can do with their properties.

With too much information on the net, it’s very confusing what’s the best move for your property journey. Been looking through Propertyguru or articles on Seedly? Have different agents advising you different things? 

At W&S properties and backed by NSCRA, we put the power of information back into your hands. We lay all strategies out for you to decide on the best move.


Who should sign up for our property consult?

first time property owners who are lost

Whether you’re thinking of BTO or a new launch, we can assist you in making the right decision. By analysing you and your partner’s current financial status and the current market, we will provide several options for you to make an informed decision.

current property owners thinkg about the next steps

We will look at the value of your current property and market trends to decide if you should or shouldn’t sell your property and upgrade. We will also provide you with advice on possible plans in the upcoming years for you to have a clearer picture.

At W&S, we believe in advising only when we’ve done it. We now own 3 properties and hope to inspire other owners like us.

Why look for us?

Our services are completely FREE. No hidden costs, no obligations. Yes, this means no pushy sales or spammy calls.

On top of that, we’re a couple who have a deep understanding of the property market the past 18 years and have successfully succeeded in helping you reach your dream goals.

We don’t just say this, we have put our strategies into play and currently own 3 properties in Singapore and 2 overseas. 

Hear from those who've attended our consultations!

I have engaged Walter's service for past 10 years since my 1st HDB purchase to now 2 private condos. He showed us the importance of owning the right assets in order to retire comfortably. Also he did up the financial calculations for us to make sure we're on the safe side. He now manages our properties for rent. 

He is our family agent. Not only my sister engage his service, she also recommend her in-laws too!

If anyone ask for properties matters, it's got to be Walter & Samantha!
It was great that we had Walter on our side for our first property purchase. He helped us to understand the various conditions and restrictions between different types of properties - specifically between HDB and Condo.

He helped us with financial calculations to show what is the best options at our income levels, as well as what the growth possibilities for each the options. With that, we were convinced of the type of property as well as the price bracket we were looking at, regions we were interested in, which he proceeded to show us different properties that matches those requirements.

Within a few weeks we settled on one based on future growth potential, that we are happy with. the journey was very good, as Walter was very friendly and explained to us in details involved. You feel that more than an agent, Walter is a friend on your side who wants you to win, and will see you through to realising the gains in your property investments.

Definitely recommend!
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